Love this.



I have recently discovered podcasts, and I fear I’m beginning to turn into a geek.

But seriously.

I havejust discovered the Serial podcast. Which,oh. my. gosh.guys, do yourself a favor and go listen to it. And then listen to the spinoffs: “Undisclosed” and “Truth & Justice.” They areaddictive. As in, I listened to all three in the course of two weeks. SO. GOOD.

*Theories to the case are welcome in the comments section 🙂 *

But anywho – podcasts were pretty much anomalies to me. I don’t listen to NPR, I’m not a talk radio person. I frankly don’t even really likereading…so why would I like podcasts? Anywho – I gave Seriala shot at the recommendation of my sibling, and let’s just say…it was a game changer.

So, I found myself one night, perusing the deep recesses of the iTunes podcasts store—…

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