Really good stuff. Thank, Martha!

Martha Spong

be-salty“Why so salty?”
Our boy asks this all the time,
when adults are hurried, frayed,
unwilling to play a game his way,
focused on something other than him.

I had to look it up,
discover it meant
what I would have guessed:
annoyed, frustrated, even angry.

Of course I have some real things making me salty now.

O God, really, I do.

I’m not alone,
yet aware that many
are late to noticing
how things really are.

We’ve been feeling bowled over, and
we’re getting organized,
but many of us have no track record.

Will we have staying power?
Will we cast a light, or hide ourselves?
Will we be salty,
or is it too late for us
to share your flavor?

Around us and among us,
there will be people who prefer to keep the lights dimmed;
they will say that too much salt is not good for them.

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