Listen to this man!

St Johns Lutheran Church Jacksonville FL.


“Pondering the rewind”

I know its been a while since my last ponder, and I’m hoping this ponder can help to explain why I haven’t pondered lately. You can see by my use of the word ponder in my last sentences that I truly have missed pondering. It is a significant part of my life and being. So here it goes.

I love to hangout with folks, especially those who have artistic gifts, musicians, and artist and I really get life from poets. So when listening to poet’s in a “Spoken Word” venue, when the words are flowing and you are riding their wave of words and are truly connected and anticipating the next phrase to come forth, and the poet says something that sends your mind into a frenzy or taps your spirit. Your response is to holler “REWIND”; at that point the poet seemingly without effort will repeat…

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