After hours of bible study, and in a cultural climate where there is a lot of discussion surrounding who should be welcome or not, who is morally qualified or not, who should be elected (or not), appointed (or not), hired (or not), or embraced (or not), I’ve curated a comprehensive list of all the people Jesus has said it was okay for us not to love, serve, forgive, and show mercy toward.

In other words, you have Scriptural permission to hate, cast out, demonize, distance yourself from, and hold grudges against all of the following fifty groups or individuals. You don’t have to be kind to them, serve them, or even associate with them. You have Biblical mandate to talk badly about them, condemn them, and wish failure upon them. Hyperventilate online about them. Scoff. Scorn. Scold. They’re all fair game–the whole list–according to the Lord.

Without further ado, here’s…

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