Confirmands–Here are your questions.  Love you, mean it. Pr. JDB+

Baptized We Live

1. When we pray for the catholic church, for whom do we pray?
2. Where did the term first originate?
3. What is the central visual symbol for Lutherans?
4. Why is it central?
5. How does God come to us?
6. Do we find God or does God find us?
7. What are some ways that people use to try to find God?
8. Since God meets us, what does the Holy Spirit open our eyes to see?
9. Explain your answer to #8.
10. Does God despise flesh? How do you know?
11. Where is God?
12. Because of Jesus, where do we see God?
13. God chooses specific parts of creation through which to meet, love, and forgive us. What do we call these parts of creation?
14. What sacrament involves water?
15. What is God saying and doing in Baptism?
16. Because of Baptism we are what?
17. Does our Baptism depend on us having the right experience?
18. Explain the radical Lutheran understanding of Baptism.

19. What sacrament uses bread and wine?
20. What does this sacrament assure us?
21. In your own words (IYOW) explain “the Christ of Memory.”
22. IYOW explain the “Christ of the Present.”
23. IYOW explain the “Christ of the Future.”
24. Why is this meal called the “Eucharist?”
25. What are we celebrating as we “go forth” from the Eucharist?
26. What is the Lutheran way of seeing the Eucharist?
27. The Holy Spirit gives us the gift of seeing God in where?
28. What does the Holy Spirit give us the gift to hear?
29. Describe the answer to #28, specifically telling what it is and what it does.
30. What is “Living Address?”
31. What is “Truth” in the Hebrew and Lutheran way of thinking?
32. What is this “Truth” doing?

33. Living Word is the address that does what?
34. Why did Jesus tell parables?
35. How do we view the Bible?
36. What creates obedient trust?
37. Who/what makes the answer for #36 possible?

38. What does “liturgy” mean?
39. What does it mean to say that we are “catholic?”
40. What does it mean to say that we are “evangelical?”
41. What does it mean to say that we are “reforming?”
42. What do we hear through the liturgy?
43. What do we see through the liturgy?
44. What happens by “eating” and “drinking?”

45. Does God come to us through propositions or events?
46. Explain the answer to #45.
47. Why does the Holy Spirit call preachers, teachers, and witnesses?
48. What was the challenge that led Luther to want to debate?
49. Did Luther want to leave the Roman Catholic Church?
50. What were Luther’s two reasons for debate?
51. What was Luther’s understanding of his work?

52. What was the intended purpose of the Augsburg Confession?
53. What two purposes did the Augsburg Confession (AC) accomplish?
54. Explain the difference in being “catholic” and being “Roman Catholic.”
55. What do articles 1-3 of the AC teach?
56. Why were articles 1-3 included?
57. Explain this statement: “Lutherans are catholic Christians.”
58. What does AC art. 4 teach?
59. When art. 4 is added to art. 1-3, what do we understand?
60. Does it matter that we are “evangelical?”
61. Explain your answer to #60.
62. How do AC art. 5-21 explain our “life together?”
63. What do AC art. 22-28 tell us?
64. What does being “reformed” look like?
65. What were the 7 major reforms sought after by the 16th century reformers?
66. Are we Lutherans “catholic?”
67. Explain your answer to #66.
68. Are we Lutherans “evangelical?”
69. Explain your answer to #68.
70. Are we Lutherans “reforming?”
71. Explain your answer to #70.
72. Why do we have a “life of prayer?”
73. Are we Lutherans a “teaching movement?”
74. Explain your answer to #73.
75. What does it mean to be “shaped by the Gospel?”
76. What are called to do ______ in order to do _______? (fill in the blanks)
77. Explain #76.
78. What is the “theology of the cross?”
79. What becomes the overpowering event in our lives?
80. What does it mean “to die with Jesus Christ?”
81. What is the “theology of glory?”
82. Do we accept the “theology of glory?” Why? Why not?
83. Give examples of how Jesus Christ said “YES” to the “way of the cross.”
84. What happens in the crucifixion?
85. What happens in the resurrection?
86. Jesus Christ lives and calls us to follow his “YES” by what?
87. Explain the meaning of your answer to #86.
88. Explain this statement: “We are justified by grace through faith.”
89. So why do we celebrate?
90. Why is #88 cause for celebration?
91. Luther calls us “beggars.” How is this true for you?