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The Monday Heretic

My default way of processing thoughts and emotions is by making food. Because of this, I have this theory that the taste of whatever I bake is somehow affected by my attitude. Like, cookies I make when I’m happy taste better, or muffins made in the midst of a theological discussion end up with a rich, complex taste.

(I am fully aware that this is really strange and probably not possible. Except that sometimes when I’m mad, I forget to check the oven and burn things more often. So there’s that.)

If that’s the case, the Oreo truffles I made after church taste like conviction. (Or maybe that’s just the excessive calories caused by cream cheese and chocolate. Could be that too.)

I came back from a sermon about loving others where something hit me, something very specific about my arrogance and selfishness. And, as one does, I tried to…

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