loved this.

The Monday Heretic

I cried the first time I heard “Let It Go” from Frozen. Not delicate, wow-what-an-inspiring-moment sniffles. Actual, deep-down, trying-to-muffle-the-sobs-so-the-people-next-to-me-don’t-think-I’m-crazy, why-didn’t-I-bring-more-Kleenex-to-an-animated-comedy kind of tears.

Frozen 3

It’s possible that I am the only person in the whole entire world who had that reaction to the power ballad of the year. It will never make a list of Top Tearjerking Disney moments. In fact, most people think it’s a happy song.

Go figure.

Do you know what that song is about? Do you really? Let’s listen to it again, shall we? (Unless it’s already looping incessantly through your head right now, in which case feel free to pass. And I’m sorry.)

“Let it Go” is about a young woman who has shut everyone out…and then leaves them behind, leaves everything familiar that she has ever known. She is isolated and alone and surrounded by the harsh, icy beauty of winter. And her…

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