I think we Americans must confess that Christmas for us has become about gussying up a tree, eating Danish Butter Cookies, and getting the latest iPhone. With 100 million Americans (per the Barna Group) being unchurched, don’t you know that the story of the First Christmas falls way short of our post-modern expectations—–no Frosty the Snowman, no Grinch, no Jack Frost and no Danish Butter Cookies. Poor Jesus—-the Christ-child’s vulnerable unconditional love gets eclipsed by Black Friday and the quest to produce a Norman Rockwell Christmas…..whatever will that “Baby” do? I know….perhaps be born in us again and again until our lives mirror the vulnerable love that plopped into a nasty rough feedbox for a world that took no more notice of him then than it does now, to the end that the Baby-All-Grown-Up, vulnerable unconditional love, hung from a nasty rough cross to make the universe new. Now that’s a love a helluva, and a heavenuva. lot better than Frozen. And it ought to do more than just thaw Princess Ana. Maybe it ought to thaw us.