Sunday School teachers and Preachers—–consider doin’ God’s Church a favor—-this Sunday if you are teachin’ or preachin’ the—Jesus Walks on Water story—-consider teaching/preaching it from the angle that Jesus is always the one moving in our direction….that he is the one who walks our way…..for it is Jesus who walks up to us as we are sinking, and it is Jesus who reaches out to us to pull us from deadly waves, and it is this pushy Jesus who pushes his blessed assurance right into our jonboat. He comes into the boat whether we wanted him there or not. Teach the story, preach the story in that way—the Jesus centered way— rather than….the human centered way….this way—->if we had more faith we could scoot over the waves like a Jedi. We aren’t the focus…it’s Jesus! Teach and preach the Jesus centered way and you might discover that your hearers find hope. Teach it and preach it about the human centered way—about us somehow getting super Jedi-faith and you’ll have pointed at the wrong subject and likely find you’ve burdened God’s people rather than set them free………….jus’ sayin’.
The agency is all Jesus…..Peter wouldn’t have climbed up, looked up, or been called anywhere if Jesus didn’t empower him to do so. Poor ole Peter was under the command of Christ—-poor thing—-Jesus had him at hello….at “Come, Follow Me!”